Drug War is Front for Cold War Meddling, Military Interventions

Trump Administration continues Cold War antics in the Western Hemisphere.

Trump Signals Break From ‘Globaloney’ Transnationalism

If we do not end this interventionist addiction, it will end our republic.

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We’ve seen where that road has taken us before.

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Grain of Truth in Trump’s Foreign Policy Worldview

Message was mixed, but the sovereignty part was promising.

Foreign Policy ‘Realists’ Hit Nerve With Establishment Elite

Attack on Mearsheimer and others comes perilously close to a McCarthyite smear.

Where Are the Brave Military Voices Against Forever War?

Today, my peers are silent.


Time Has Come: ISIS Improvising Own Killer Drones

U.S. opened Pandora’s Box, now anyone can deploy them.

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Forget China, the Internet police are already here in U.S.

Why Are We Still Listening to John Bolton?

Another Washington pundit ‘fails up’ and into our living rooms as TV talking head.

David Stockman Takes Aim at the ‘Washington War Party’

Longtime contrarian continues to be a fly in the establishment’s ointment.

Tribalism in Europe Marches on—But to What End?

Ethno-national secessions across the globe.

Israel, White House Abandon Pretense of Peace Process

Resolving conflict now an ‘artifact of history’ and Trump couldn’t care less.

16 Years After 9/11 Our Patriotism Remains ‘Uninformed’

Understanding Jihad was never a priority; and it shows.

U.S. Missile Defense: Not as Effective As We Think

Can THAAD avoid the system failures of the first Gulf War?

Video: Special TAC Live Webcast on 9/11 Anniversary

Kelley Vlahos talks with John Kiriakou and Scott Horton on War and the National Security State.

Seven Steps to a Saner U.S. Policy Towards North Korea

But is the Trump Administration too dysfunctional to grasp this?