With Saudis, We Shouldn’t Put Our Morals on a Shelf

Often national interest has come before human rights, but Trump should take this opportunity to cut the Kingdom loose.

The Nuclear Trump Card

The Donald has the best shot at nuclear disarmament of any president over the last 20 years.

Is This the Break With Saudi Arabia We’ve Been Waiting For?

Trump has threatened ‘severe punishment’ for alleged murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggi. Let’s hope he means it.

With Friends Like the Saudis

Continued U.S. support for the Saudi war in Yemen—as well as our arms sales—-should now be in question.

America’s Disastrous Occupation of Afghanistan Turns 17

And the Taliban are in their strongest position in just that many years.

How Western Urban Planning Fueled War in the Middle East

Modernist buildings, zoning laws, and a disregard for local custom did more damage than we know.

Is It Time to Kick Out One Leg of the Nuclear Triad?

An argument for eliminating the ICBM Fleet in favor of a more cost-effective, safe dyad.


Resisting Today’s Imperialist Temptation

A new book says nationalism isn’t the problem; it’s the antidote. But can that be true?

Mike Pompeo’s Iran Obsession

He’s cleaned up the State Department. But his fanaticism over Tehran is misleading his boss.

The War in Afghanistan is Enabling Pedophilia

A State Department report makes the grim reality clear. Yet interventionists don’t want to change a thing.

NATO Welcomes Another Military Midget

The State Department continues its role as Macedonia’s cheerleader, treating membership as a form of charity.

Donald Trump Must Go to North Korea Now

While that might seem premature and perhaps a little unhinged, follow my logic for a moment.

MacArthur’s Last Stand Against a Winless War

He leaned on JFK to stay out of Vietnam. Had Kennedy survived, might history have been different?

Canada’s Wannabe Trump Comes Up Short

Maxime Bernier might succeed in dividing the Conservative Party but ultimately he doesn’t understand his own base.

The Worst Totalitarian Since Mao

Xi Jinping is ushering in an era of Chinese illiberalism, and with it a chilling clampdown on freedoms.

Mexico Must Stand Up to America’s Drug War

Does new President López Obrador have the will to go nuclear (legalize)?

Crying ‘Fascist’ in Eastern Europe

Those who see the specter of authoritarianism in Poland and Hungary are making a huge mistake.