America’s Facebook Friend Allies

We seem obsessed with collecting them, even though they’re far more of a burden than any online acquaintance.

Why America Must Put Interests Before Ideals

Both are important, but prioritizing the latter leads to needless humanitarian wars that don’t work.

Saudis Spinning the Optics of Dead Schoolchildren

Why do Americans help manage their PR? This week in particular, our role has been shameful.

America’s Growing Enemies List

How many quarrels, conflicts and wars, and with how many adversaries, can even the mighty United States sustain?

The Saudi-Canada Clash: A Values War

Who determines what are “basic rights” or “universal values”?

Yes, the Press Helps Start Wars

History shows that a jingoistic media can whip up support for hardline policies, as Trump rightly pointed out.

Why America’s Allies Should Develop Nuclear Weapons

Proliferation is a good thing if it means relieving some of America’s numerous security guarantees.


Hoping for Peace in the Horn of Africa

Decades of tensions between Ethiopia and Eritrea may finally be abating, thanks in small part to strong words from the U.S.

Iranians: Not Pining for American Intervention

Some seem to think they can’t wait for us to overthrow their government. Nothing could be further from the truth.

War With Iran Could Destroy Trump’s Presidency

Why, then, is President Donald Trump toying with such an idea?

An Arab NATO Would Be Two NATOs Too Many

Doubling down on Washington’s manifestly failed Mideast strategy.

The Trump Doctrine Has Foreign Policy Elites Pulling Out Their Hair

But his policies are, in fact, right out of the standard GOP playbook.

Italy’s Populist Earthquake

Two anti-establishment parties have surged to power in Rome. Here’s why even more tremors could be in store.

The Subtle Return of German Hegemony

It’s inevitable and it won’t be like previous eras. In fact, America may have reason to welcome a more powerful Berlin.

The Much Diminished Russian Bear

Putin might be loud and disruptive, but he’s hardly the neo-Soviet menace that many Westerners see.

Italy Succumbs (Again) to Mob Politics

And right now our affairs of state are headed in the same direction as theirs.

Russia Has Become an Unusual Broker in Golan Heights 2.0

The long-disputed territory between Syria and Israel found its way onto the dais in Helsinki. Here’s why.