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Think Hate Speech Laws Will Work? Just Look at Europe

Such restrictions have done nothing to stop extremism while concealing issues that badly need attention.
Will Collins November 13, 2019

Why U.S. Cyber Sneak Attacks Won’t Work Against Iran

Just another useless maximum pressure tactic that's failing to weaken the regime.
Bonnie Kristian November 12, 2019

America’s Foreign Policy: Bombing Castles in the Sky

Our elites have turned Syria into a fantasy land of good and bad guys, even though the reality is always more complicated.
Matt Purple November 7, 2019

Even Latin America’s Trump is Kowtowing to the Chinese

Bolsonaro is now aggressively courting Beijing investments. Was his populist rhetoric was just a matter of convenience?
Paul Brian November 1, 2019

Saudi Women Slowly Move Outside ‘The Cage’

American feminists must remember that the equality movement in the Kingdom is 100 years behind.
October 31, 2019

Taking a Stand Against Imperialistic Chinese Censors

Beijing is pressuring American companies because it thinks the West is weak. Here's how businesses can fight back.
Doug Bandow October 31, 2019

How Long Can the Israeli Goliath Last?

In an age-old irony, it's Israel that's the giant now, with the Palestinian David eliciting all the sympathy.
Jeff Groom October 30, 2019

Franco’s Victory Was Necessary, But Ultimately Meaningless

If he was fighting for traditionalist Catholicism against the forces of modernity, then he failed.
Grayson Quay October 29, 2019

How the Sinaloa Drug Cartel Clobbered the Mexican Army

While Americans obsess with events on the other side of the globe, a state is losing its grip just over our border.
Ted Carpenter October 28, 2019

Imperial Capital, but America-First Nation

In his conflicting statements and actions, Trump seemingly seeks to mollify both sides of our national quarrel.
Patrick Buchanan October 25, 2019