Europeans Attacking Trump Over Turkey Haven’t a Leg to Stand On

Erdogan was their best friend when the EU needed a place to park millions of unwanted refugees.

Time to Extricate From Ukraine

Kiev has become a drag on Trump, but if we don’t watch out, it could turn into a geopolitical threat to everyone.

American ‘Freedom Man’ is Made of Straw

Bret Stephens’ foolish caricature of America only nurses our delusions about ‘the good’ we’ve done in the world.

This Time the Yanks Are Deadly Serious

When Trump said he was ending everlasting commitments he wasn’t bluffing.

The Kurds and the Sticky Wicket of Foreign Entanglements

Trump’s decision to leave Syria is another lesson in losing sight of our nation’s interests.

Brussels, Not Boris, is Endangering Europe Now

They bleat about a hard Irish border, but they’re the ones who could be risking the return of paramilitary violence.

Why the Syrian Kurds Aren’t Necessarily Our Friends

As usual, Beltway hawks and the media hive have oversimplified reality to advance their agendas.


America Doesn’t Belong in Syria

The war hawks will whine but we’ve been there long enough and must honor our commitments to Turkey.

Why Trump Sort of Reminds Us of Charles De Gaulle

The two are very different, but when we deconstruct his foreign policy, we find a lot of good gut instinct.

Powell Criticizes Underlings for Not Standing Up to Trump

Bush’s secretary of state also knows a thing or two about following bad orders. Except he helped start a war.

Brexit Stirs the Spirit of America’s Revolutionary War

The politicians shout about the economy, but the people understand there’s something deeper at stake.

No Fair! Americans Pay Way More to Send Goods to China

Why are we still slapped with a penalty for shipping products to a ‘transitional country’?

Onward Christian Soldier: Imagining a Pence Presidency

Be warned, the Vice President’s foreign policy positions invoke a messianism not seen since the Bush Administration.

American Blunder: Throwing Open Our Markets to China

It was a mistake and it’s helped nourish a murderous regime.

China’s Anniversary Whitewashes the Terror of Mao

Though the communist nation has come a long way, Xi Jinping is threatening to bring back the horror of that era.

John Bolton’s Revenge Tour

The former national security adviser trashes Trump’s foreign policy as rumors swirl about Ukraine leaks.

Hawks and Noninterventionists Are Both Getting China Wrong

We should be wary of the geopolitical threat it represents, though that doesn’t mean our government must take drastic action.