Donald Trump Building the Closest American-Japanese Relationship Ever?

He’s promised to get Japanese abductees back, the boldest offer yet by an American leader.

Can We Admit Now That Afghanistan Reconstruction Failed?

From faulty power stations and shoddy buildings to billions wasted, new evidence shows it was a pipe dream.

Remaking the World in the Neoconservative Image

What they advocate isn’t a foreign policy; it’s an ideological fixation.

John Bolton: In Search of Carthage

He rejects the Founders’ wisdom on foreign policy in favor of something more brutal and Roman.

America’s Fling With the Kurds Could Cause Turkey and NATO to Split

Critics are alarmed by Ankara’s turn toward Russia and “who lost Turkey” talk is in the air.

Airstrikes Against Syria Would Set Off a Powder Keg

It begins: Trump announces a series of joint air strikes on Syrian targets Friday.

Trump’s Rush to Judgment on Syria Chemical Attack

We need hard evidence about what happened in Douma before threatening war.


‘Orbán or Turbans’: Hungary’s Wild Election

As Westerners griped, Hungarians rallied to defend what they saw as their national sovereignty under attack.

ISIS is Finished So We Should Leave Syria Now

Instead Donald Trump’s team is inflating the threat, worried he’ll rush away from war.

Violence in Gaza Today Captures the Attention of…No One

More than 1,400 have been wounded in clashes between Palestinian protesters and the Israeli military. The media has barely noticed.

Syria Showdown: Trump Versus the Generals

Will we remain and risk a greater war? The president’s instincts say no but his advisors say yes.

Steve Coll’s Directorate S is Disturbing Account of U.S. Mistakes After 9/11

‘Ghost Wars’ author on the secret war behind the war in Afghanistan.

Welcome to the Welfare-Warfare State

And beware the three-headed hydra of militarism, constitutional flaccidity and profligate domestic spending.

The Most Important Decision of Trump’s Presidency

In a little over a month, he’ll choose whether to pull out of the Iran nuclear deal. The wrong choice could mean the Iraq war times 10.

Will the Saudi Kingdom Collapse Under the Resource Curse?

As wealth gushes from the ground, thrift vanishes, the work ethic shrinks, and policy grows more erratic and extreme.

Emmanuel Macron, the New King of Europe?

The French president has displaced Angela Merkel as the continent’s most powerful leader—and he has big plans for a big EU.

Herbert Hoover Had the Best National Security Policy of the 20th Century

He was a disaster on the economy and a prophet on foreign relations. We should follow the latter example today.