The Man Who Warned of America Against the World

What if the U.S. and UK were opposed by much of Eurasia? Halford MacKinder foresaw it and we may be heading toward it.

How an Anti-Semitic Attack Marked the End of the Yellow Vests

The Gilets Jaunes emerged as a populist movement from the middle class. Then they were co-opted by the wrong people.

Where ‘Religious Freedom’ Means Avoiding a Bloodbath

From Africa to India, persecution of the faithful is becoming common and our wars have only made it worse.

How Chinese Theft Becomes a Global Menace

Huawei, accused many times over of stealing secrets, is poised to control next-gen cellular technology worldwide.

When Irish Eyes Are Closed to History

If Ireland stops teaching its past, are they doomed to repeat it?

Italy and France Batter Each Other in the Latest Populist-Globalist Fight

Tensions between the two countries are at their highest point since the days of Mussolini.

The Blob and the Hell of Good Intentions

Stephen Walt takes aim at the dysfunctional caste of privileged insiders who botch our foreign policy and then ‘fail up.’


Trump Has All But Lost Peace in the Middle East

The president’s moves in favor of Israel have shattered what was left of the problematic Oslo Accords.

Walter Jones Cried While the Rest of Them Lied

The late Congressman spent the rest of his life committed to doing penance for his Iraq War vote.

Trump Has a Chance for a History-Making Deal With North Korea

A lot could go wrong at the Vietnam talks. But success could finally bring peace to the Korean Peninsula.

Beltway Warriors Target China as the Next Global Threat

We drained all of our resources in the Middle East. Now we turn further East in search of monsters to destroy?

Hungary Shows the West the Path to Survival

Just as they resisted communism, so too are they leading the charge against the radical open-borders project.

Ignore the Free-Riding International Peanut Gallery

Foreigners nudging America into their wars have brought us only debt and misery.

Trump’s ‘Eyeball-to-Eyeball’ Orders to the Generals on Syria

Despite the storm and fury, the Syria withdrawal policy is unambiguous and going forward.

When Conspiracy Is The Only Explanation For Failed Neo-Liberal Dreams

It couldn’t possibly be that their Davos ideals were weak. Russia must be to blame.

Bernard-Henri Lévy: Poster Boy For the False Europe

The rich philosophe is trying to save the continent from Euroskeptics. But his scholarship is sloppy and his politics inconsistent.

America’s Withdrawal From Syria Must Be Total

The intelligence community wants to leave behind a permanent base. That’s a terrible idea.