Thanks To Trump, Netanyahu Rides to Washington in Triumph

Trump is expected to bless Israel’s annexation of the Golan Heights as the PM arrives for AIPAC’s annual confab.

How Emmanuel Macron Outlasted The Yellow Vests

The populist roar from forgotten France has been drowned out by provocateurs and the hard Left.

Charles Beard: Punished for Seeking Peace

His reputation was savaged because he had the temerity to question the ‘Good War’ narrative.

‘Fort Trump’ in Poland: Why These Colors Won’t Fly

This could be the president’s boldest foreign policy contradiction yet.

Somaliland: A Success Story Without the Billions and Bombs

They got rid of piracy and al-Shabaab at a fraction of the cost that we’ve spent in the region. How?

America’s Relationship With China Can’t Become Too Big to Fail

If it does, Beijing’s bad behavior will only get worse.

Let’s Hope These Rebels Never ‘Court Extinction’

Antiwar Republicans like Thomas Massie have been punished for bucking the hawkish order. But they’ve fought on.


Two Cheers for Israel

They’re having children and defending their culture without apology. The West could learn a thing or two.

Trump Can Turn America’s Defense Welfare Into a Profit Center

He’s right to say other nations should start paying for our military protection.

How China Drained Hong Kong of Its Color

Despite brave protests, it’s becoming just another third-tier city on the Chinese coastline.

Ex-Israeli Officers Launch Political War Against Netanyahu

As ‘the new Likud,’ these former soldiers vow to carry on a tradition of military prowess against the Palestinians.

The West Must Learn to Live With Assad

Once assumed to be a goner, his survival has left Europeans and Americans confused.

The Dogs of War Sniff Out Mission in Central Africa

If we don’t do it—the growing narrative goes—Russia, China, and ISIS will.

Did Trump and Bolton Sabotage a North Korea Deal?

Whether this started as a cynical ploy to distract from domestic politics or not, it’s all rapidly devolving into ‘an utter disaster.’

Algeria: The Iceberg That Could Sink Emmanuel Macron

Recent unrest there now threatens France, with possibly another migration wave on the way.

What Happened When We Kept Out of the India-Pakistan Fracas?

Nothing. That should teach us most of the world’s crises are none of Washington’s business.

The Ethnic Tensions Haunting Africa’s Newest Powerhouse

Ethiopia is a success story. But hatred of its native Tigrayans is causing some to think nervously of Rwanda.