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Just How Swampy Are U.S-Saudi Arms Deals?

Let's just say that Americans representing the kingdom are making a killing while pushing U.S. jobs overseas.
Andrew Cockburn September 27, 2019

Time Bomb: How the Growing Hong Kong-Taiwan Axis is Riling Beijing

Washington must temper its enthusiasm—and especially avoid any manifestations of meddling.
Ted Galen Carpenter September 23, 2019

Why Evidence of Iran’s Role in Attack Doesn’t Matter

Tehran is equipped to take us off-guard at any moment. Questions should focus on how and why.
Gareth Porter September 19, 2019

The Tell-All Book Mattis Didn’t Want Published

This is typical: former officials who write truthful memoirs often face threats, lawsuits, and even imprisonment.
Barbara Boland September 16, 2019

Inside the Wide Open Race to Succeed John Bolton

Will he go hawk, safe bet, or for a foreign policy realist like Doug Macgregor, who would thrill Trump's closest supporters?
Curt Mills September 13, 2019

Trump Bows to Reality, Stands Down on Venezuela

Despite Washington's scheming, sanctioning, and backyard bluster, Maduro remains in power.
Doug Bandow September 12, 2019

John Bolton Meets His Fate

Crafty, stubborn, and politically dangerous, he was the proverbial wrecking ball in Trump's national security shop.
Daniel R. DePetris September 11, 2019

Veterans Reach Their Tipping Point Against Our Post-9/11 Wars

Solid majorities of veterans believe Iraq and Afghanistan were not worth fighting. It's time to heed their counsel.
TAC Staff September 10, 2019

Meet American Empire’s ‘Doctor Death’

Stephen Kinzer's new book shows how Greatest Generation spooks justified their horrific experiments on unwitting Americans.
Kelley Beaucar Vlahos September 10, 2019

The World War I Battle That Changed the World Forever

105 years ago, a decisive engagement on the Marne River transformed warfare, destroyed Europe, and unleashed totalitarianism.
John Rossi September 6, 2019