Category: Politics

When Did Ukraine Become a ‘Critical Ally’?

Trump is standing up for them and risking a war with Russia. But why?
Patrick Buchanan November 16, 2019

Rolling Stone: Men Who Abstain From Porn Are Dangerous Alt-Righters

This is how threatened the post-sexual revolution cultural left currently feels.
Grayson Quay November 15, 2019

Choking on the Democrats’ Ukraine Fantasy Narrative

Officials and media delivered enough untruths and distortions yesterday to cause us all heartburn.
Barbara Boland November 14, 2019

Josh Hawley: Hero or Hawk?

The Senator has to do more than just talk about ending our blundering endless war policies. Actions mean more.
Curt Mills November 14, 2019

Elizabeth Warren Flipped, Then Flopped, On School Choice

She once advocated decoupling families from "school assignment and zip code." Then politics and unions got in the way.
Lewis M. Andrews November 14, 2019

The Inconsequential Nikki Haley

She's calling out her former colleagues and preparing for a presidential run. But what has she ever really done?
Daniel R. DePetris November 13, 2019

When Plutocrats Take Off the Mask and Run for Office

In this era of billionaire politics, Mike Bloomberg could shake things up--or bring the Democratic dream crashing down.
James Pinkerton November 13, 2019

Elizabeth Warren’s Health Care Plan is Pure Fuzzy Math

She hopes we won't notice that her plan is an attempt to redistribute money on a scale never before seen in America.
Peter Van Buren November 13, 2019

Bernie Leads His Party to Open Borders

His proposal would decriminalize illegal entry, declare a pathway to citizenship, and sanctify sanctuary cities.
Patrick Buchanan November 12, 2019

He Called Socialism a Lie and Was Locked in a Psych Ward

Vladimir Bukovsky refused to yield to the USSR. What would he say now about the West's cave-in to gender politics?
Jason Morgan November 12, 2019