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The Metaphysical Nature of Our City Temples and Tombs

They are massive, immovable, as though the spirit contained in them has been fixed forever to the ground.
Roger Scruton April 12, 2019

Danny Thomas Almost Killed Me

Adventures in walkability in Memphis.
John Sanphillippo April 5, 2019

City Planning and Externalities Your Grandma Could Live With

Why municipalities unnecessarily churn out reams of rules.
Jess Fields March 29, 2019

Downtown Los Angeles Is Coming Home—to the New Elite

The last frontier of Southern California is in the former Skid Row.
Alix Ollivier March 22, 2019

Urban Growth and the Fallacy of Control

To make our own neighborhoods better, forget grand plans—and improve them incrementally.
Daniel Herriges March 15, 2019

Suburban Archaeology and America’s Architectural Commons

Tacky or not, America's commercial strips and "placeless places" have developed their own historic, layered aesthetic.
Addison Del Mastro March 8, 2019

Arlington Should Deny Amazon $51M in HQ2 Subsidies

Before it succumbs to price explosion, the D.C. 'burb needs to play hardball.

Toledo Wants Local Control to Save Lake Erie

The feds did nothing to fix the toxic algae bloom so the city gave the water its own rights.
Daniel McGraw February 28, 2019

Car Culture and Suburbia in the American Psyche

Urbanism can and should work in America, but the mythos of the open road still calls.
Addison Del Mastro February 22, 2019

A Lost Monument to Industry—and Traditional Urbanism

The Singer Building was an early skyscraper that respected the skyline.
Theo Mackey Pollack February 15, 2019