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Ro Khanna Forces Beltway Bandit to Refund Millions From Price Gouging

Sick of war and war profiteering, this Congressman shows what happens when lawmakers actually do their jobs.
Barbara Boland June 12, 2019

The Generals Won’t Save Us From the Next War

The brass are careerists, never punished for their mistakes, quietly assenting to the latest doomed interventions.
Danny Sjursen June 10, 2019

Amassing War Powers, Bolton Rips a Page Out of Cheney’s Playbook

The likely new secretary of defense may be the weakest link in the cabinet—which is exactly what Trump's chief advisor wants.
Barbara Boland June 5, 2019

Trump’s Decision to Arm the Saudis Against Iran Will End in Disaster

He's circumventing Congress and risking a war that most people on both sides don't want.
Daniel R. DePetris May 28, 2019

Yes, My Fellow Soldiers Died in Vain

Iraq vet recalls two friends, one killed in action, the other a suicide---but can't explain or understand what it meant.
Danny Sjursen May 27, 2019

Pence Assures West Point Grads: ‘You Will Fight On A Battlefield’

This war veteran finds the vice president's statements and underlying mentality 'disturbing.'
Daniel L. Davis May 26, 2019

A Parade of Imperial Presidencies

Trump is just the latest in a long line of executives to stiff-arm the Constitution and ignore congressional powers.
Ivan Eland May 24, 2019

Why Do We Fight? How Do We Fight?

The military spends billions on programs and missions that have no basis in reality. This is why we fail, again and again.
Douglas Macgregor May 24, 2019

New Era? Republicans Push For a Consistent, Antiwar Trump Doctrine

Pitching 'strength through peace,' Rep. Gaetz joins a nexus of Left-Right veterans groups seeking to hold the president to his word.
W. James Antle III May 23, 2019

Why Tiny Qatar May Be Our Greatest Hope in the Iran Crisis

No matter what Saudi Arabia and Israel's friends in Washington say.
Mark Perry May 20, 2019