Category: Ideas

When C.S. Lewis Predicted Our Doom

He worried about a dystopian future in which man tries to play God and fails.
Matt Purple October 31, 2019

Privileged Poor vs. Doubly Disadvantaged at Elite Schools

Poor kids who don't get a crack at high performing programs before college end up floundering.
Andre Archie October 28, 2019

An American University

Hillsdale College is playing the long game.
John A. Burtka IV October 26, 2019

The End of American Public Virtue

As Bloom worried and Gibbon chronicled, nations that lose their creed inevitably struggle. And what then?
James Pinkerton October 16, 2019

The Quieter Side of Cardinal Sarah

Known for his traditionalist social views, the African churchman's writings on silence bear reflection.
Scott Beauchamp October 15, 2019

George Orwell Warned Us, But Was Anyone Listening?

He knew that sheep-like assent to injustice is all that's necessary for a 1984-like tyranny.
John Rodden and John Rossi October 2, 2019

When Christians Become Ideological Idolaters

From free marketeers to equality advocates, too many are replacing the faith with their own political programs.
Tyler Arnold October 1, 2019

Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Robert Bork: Judicial Activist Twins

By using the courts to inflict their social and economic agendas respectively, they've left us in a lost era enamored with state power.
George Liebmann September 27, 2019

In Defense of Male Fighting

Better that men should punch bullies than stew with rage and start thinking about bloodier forms of revenge.
Paul Brian September 23, 2019

The Road to Serfdom is Still the Best Indictment of Centralized Power

75 years later, Hayek's opus contains salient lessons for proto-socialists and newer devotees of government power.
Kai Weiss September 20, 2019