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How Long Can the Israeli Goliath Last?

In an age-old irony, it's Israel that's the giant now, with the Palestinian David eliciting all the sympathy.
Jeff Groom October 30, 2019

How the Sinaloa Drug Cartel Clobbered the Mexican Army

While Americans obsess with events on the other side of the globe, a state is losing its grip just over our border.
Ted Carpenter October 28, 2019

Imperial Capital, but America-First Nation

In his conflicting statements and actions, Trump seemingly seeks to mollify both sides of our national quarrel.
Patrick Buchanan October 25, 2019

What the 1956 Uprising Says About Hungary Today

Western Europe doesn't like it much but the anti-Soviet revolt was one step in the country's current path towards nationalism.
Kelley Beaucar Vlahos October 24, 2019

This Time the Yanks Are Deadly Serious

When Trump said he was ending everlasting commitments he wasn't bluffing.
Patrick Buchanan October 15, 2019

Powell Criticizes Underlings for Not Standing Up to Trump

Bush's secretary of state also knows a thing or two about following bad orders. Except he helped start a war.
Barbara Boland October 9, 2019

No Fair! Americans Pay Way More to Send Goods to China

Why are we still slapped with a penalty for shipping products to a 'transitional country'?
Ross Marchand October 7, 2019

Impeachment 2.0 is Trainwrecking U.S. Foreign Policy

Whatever you think about Trump's actions, there is real fallout here and it could be longterm. Here's why.
Barbara Boland September 30, 2019

Trump and Modi: Score One for the ‘Nationalist International’

Looking at a map, we see the number of liberal globalist countries are in fact shrinking.
James Pinkerton September 25, 2019

What If They Had A War And Nobody Came?

The neocons and hawks in Trump's circle stand alone these days, but their influence in the White House is still strong.
Patrick Buchanan September 20, 2019