Category: Economy

Elizabeth Warren’s Watered-Down Populism

Her campaign platform shies away from the bold, pro-family policies she outlined over a decade ago. So what happened?
Patrick T. Brown April 4, 2019

Non-Compete Clauses Are Strangling Our Lowest Paid Workers

Employers say they protect trade secrets. But then why are they being used against janitors and fast food employees?
Jonathan Tepper April 4, 2019

What Happened to Trump’s Promise to Rebuild America?

He said he would fix our highways, bridges, and tunnels, and put millions to work. But politics got in the way.
Daniel McGraw April 3, 2019

Just Say No to Trump’s Socialist 5G Plan

In the race to roll out next-gen wireless technology, the U.S. can’t beat China by becoming China.
Ross Marchand March 28, 2019

Don’t Blame Trump’s Tariffs for the Global Slowdown

Keep your eyes on fiscal spending, regulation, and monetary policy instead.
Christopher Whalen March 26, 2019

The Student Loan Trap

College was supposed to help everyone but the data shows a generation crushed with debt and stunted in growth.
Charles Fain Lehman March 20, 2019

Legitimizing the $10 Billion Legal Cannabis Industry

Thanks to Congress, most state marijuana businesses are still dealing in cash only. That needs to change.
Norm Singleton March 13, 2019

The Death of the Internet

Intended to be open, free, and decentralized, it's now dominated by a handful of companies that control what we see and what we can say.
Jonathan Tepper March 8, 2019

Seeding Control to Big Ag

Four firms now dominate the seed industry, diminishing diversity, crushing competition, and risking ecological disaster.
Gracy Olmstead February 27, 2019

To Revive Rural America, We Must Fix Our Broken Food System

America’s agricultural system has become extractive, and more and more of the profits are flowing to a few.
Austin Frerick February 27, 2019