Category: Economy

Facebook and Google Must Be Regulated Now

The time for ineffectual fines and self-policing is over. Here's why.
Jonathan Tepper May 13, 2019

How Big Tech Threatens Economic Liberty

Under the current power dynamics, entrepreneurs are often faced with two options: sell out or get crushed.
Hal Singer May 7, 2019

When Deutsche Bank’s Crisis Becomes Our Crisis

Our friends in Europe seem totally incapable of addressing their failing financial sector. And that's not good for anyone.
Christopher Whalen May 6, 2019

We Win Trade War, The Communist State Falls Apart

The U.S. hates China's market distortions, but it turns out they're critical to keeping Xi's government in control.
Nick Taber May 6, 2019

In Defense of Economic Nationalism

A libertarian approach to trade embodies a specific industrial strategy and it’s the wrong one for America.
John A. Burtka IV May 1, 2019

America, We Have a Problem

The status quo---our foreign policy, our economic health, our exceptionalism---is fraying before our very eyes.
Robert W. Merry April 30, 2019

Medicare for All and the Myth of Free Markets

Healthcare monopolies are strangling competition and driving up prices. The Democrats' plan won't fix that.
Jonathan Tepper April 25, 2019

The Mind Behind Early American Protectionism

Before free trade became a consensus, Friedrich List argued that U.S. industry should be put first.
Tim Cavanaugh April 24, 2019

What Does Your Toilet Paper Have to Do With Inflation?

Manufacturers have been engaging in "shrinkflation," leaving consumers paying more for less, but stealthily.
Bill Rice Jr. April 17, 2019

Trump is Right to Blow Up the Fed

The Federal Reserve is out of control, acting in ways and with powers that were never explicitly granted by Congress.
Christopher Whalen April 9, 2019