Category: Economy

Emmanuel Macron: Trade Wars for Me, But Not for Thee

The French president would like you to think Donald Trump is the world's only protectionist. He should check a mirror.
Bill Wirtz June 24, 2019

American Trade Sanctions Start to Bite

How our attempts to get tough on Russia and Iran are hurting trade.
Jon Basil Utley June 18, 2019

Where Have All the Young Farmers Gone?

The graying of American growers is a troublesome development, but that doesn’t mean all is lost.
Patrick Bultema June 17, 2019

The Pro-Inflation Fed is Taking Us to a Dark Place

Our central bank is a seriously conflicted organization that pretends it can manage interest rates and the global economy.
Christopher Whalen June 6, 2019

Rethinking American Investment in an Intangible Age

A new report from Marco Rubio questions Republican orthodoxies about what creates the wealth of nations.
Samuel Hammond June 6, 2019

Taking Stock of Venture Capital

Silicon Valley-style investment was not an inevitable outcome of market economics, nor is it necessarily the model of the future.
Julius Krein May 27, 2019

China Has Already Lost the Trade War

Consumers might still feel the pinch, but ultimately Beijing needs our surplus more than we need their trade.
Christopher Whalen May 17, 2019

How to Escape the Two-Income Trap

We need to revive good jobs in the kinds of places that are most conducive to family life.
Samuel Hammond May 16, 2019

Tariffs Are Economic Patriotism, Putting Americans First

Once a nation is hooked on cheap goods like a narcotic it is rarely able to break free. But we can try.
Patrick Buchanan May 14, 2019

Facebook and Google Must Be Regulated Now

The time for ineffectual fines and self-policing is over. Here's why.
Jonathan Tepper May 13, 2019