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The Intellectual Revolution That Made the Modern Western World

Enlightenment values spurred political liberty and capitalism, but is this the end of the story?
Daniel McCarthy June 13, 2019

Cult of the Irrelevant: National Security Eggheads & Academics

A new book decries a lack of influence by realist scholars, but is it unduly blaming the victim?
Justin Logan June 12, 2019

Mayor Donald Trump

Frank Rizzo became a Philadelphia political icon by using populist rhetoric to rally disenchanted working-class Democrats.
Charles F. McElwee III June 10, 2019

Silence: A Thin Line Between Terror and Joy

A new book explores how Trappist monk Thomas Merton found the balance. But can we?
Daniel Wiser Jr. June 5, 2019

TAC Bookshelf for the Week of June 3

Here's what our writers are reading this week.
TAC Staff June 2, 2019

Taking Stock of Venture Capital

Silicon Valley-style investment was not an inevitable outcome of market economics, nor is it necessarily the model of the future.
Julius Krein May 27, 2019

John Lukacs: Iconoclast and Self-Styled ‘Reactionary’

Often dismissed by the academic elite, this great historian placed his faith in the test of time.
John Rodden May 21, 2019

TAC Bookshelf for the Week of May 20

Scott Beauchamp, contributor: Unfortunately for this Bookshelf contribution, but fortunately for other reasons, most of what I’ve been reading lately…
TAC Staff May 20, 2019

American Psycho Author Should Stick to Fiction

Bret Easton Ellis tries his hand at social commentary, and while he nails our 'post-Empire' corrosion, 'White' is uneven and tedious.
Chris R. Morgan May 15, 2019

Rebuilding Social Capital in Trump Country

As Tim Carney makes clear, middle America has been losing its civil society for years. But what to do about it?
Kevin E. Stuart May 9, 2019