Arts & Letters

The Witty, Wistful Films of Whit Stillman

His work lightheartedly catalogued the story of the human condition.

‘Who Goes Nazi’ Now?

Dorothy Thompson’s 1941 paranoid ‘parlor game’ just as (un) useful today.

Kennedy’s Forgotten Coalition: Working Class Catholics

After decades of Democratic fealty, JFK’s “tribal benediction” went Trump.

How Chicago Made the ‘Great West’

The city’s history shows that the urban-rural divide is a dangerous fiction.

The American Mind: Closed After All These Years

Three decades later, Allan Bloom’s damning critique still relevant

Poetry? What for?

It is a communal form of inquiry directed towards discovering universal truths.

A Review of Tom McCarthy’s Typewriter, Bombs, Jellyfish

It’s not a given that novelists are also great essayists, and so when it does happen it deserves to be celebrated.

MORE IN Arts & Letters

F. Scott Fitzgerald’s American Identity

David S. Brown, Paradise Lost: A Life of F. Scott Fitzgerald, Harvard University Press, 397 pp.

Cyberpunk Is Now Reality

The genre’s founders married a criticism of corporations to the dreary aesthetic of rootlessness.

Review of ‘David Jones: Engraver, Soldier, Painter, Poet’

An inspired biography.

Twin Peaks Reconsidered

As with any town, Twin Peaks will have had to weather the passage of time. It will have decayed and aged. It will have been razed and paved over.

Twin Peaks and the Rise of ‘Peak TV’

Perhaps no other regularly scheduled show in TV history which ran for as few episodes or for as short a time would have as much of an influence on American pop culture.

The Hidden Realities of U.S. Incarceration

There’s the Standard Story—and there’s the truth.

Plutarch’s Lives Revisited

The ancient biographer is back in print with a new translation. Does it do justice to the original?

The Circuitous Path of Papa and Ezra

Ernest Hemingway and Ezra Pound’s friendship spanned continents—and ideologies.

City Without Stars

The Lost City of Z is visually sublime, but it lives and dies on its miscast lead.

Buchanan on Nixon: Triumph and Tragedy

The inside story of the Nixon presidency as told by TAC founding editor Patrick J. Buchanan.