Arts & Letters

The Blob and the Hell of Good Intentions

Stephen Walt takes aim at the dysfunctional caste of privileged insiders who botch our foreign policy and then ‘fail up.’

Andrew Jackson: Our First Populist President

He never denounced slavery and was brutal towards American Indians, but remains a popular figure. Why?

Ted Bundy and the Banality of Evil

Netflix’s new docu-series about the famous killer has no there there—and that’s exactly the point.

TAC Bookshelf for the Week of February 4

Here’s what our writers and staff have been reading.

TAC Bookshelf for the Week of January 28

From 20th Century Kenneth T. Jackson to 19th Century Marcel Schwob, here’s what our writers are reading this week.

Liberal Critics of Liberalism

The Right can learn from George Scialabba’s critiques of individual autonomy and markets.

‘1984’ in China, the World’s Best-Known Writer, and Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn in Exile

Also: How Broadway became Broadway, brainwashing young critics, and more.

MORE IN Arts & Letters

Micah Mattix is New Literary Editor of The American Conservative

He will work with the TAC team to ensure our cultural coverage remains strong…and ‘Prufrock’ is back!

TAC Bookshelf for the Week of January 14

Here’s what our writers are reading this week.

A Watered Down Ruth Bader Ginsburg

On the Basis of Sex, though well-acted, sidesteps tough questions of justice in favor of mass appeal.

Urban America: For Richer or For Poorer

Reflecting national trends, our cities are forming two tiers, self-sorting into haves and have-nots.

TAC Bookshelf for the Week of January 7

Here’s what our staff and writers have been reading.

TAC Bookshelf for the Week of December 24

Daniel Larison, senior editor: I’ve been reading Alex de Waal’s important and …

Springsteen’s Broadway Redemption is Not What You Think

The show is ‘as necessary as a last hospital visit with an old friend.’

Robert Kagan’s Jungle Book of Forever War

Not satisfied with Vietnam, Iraq, and our current Afghanistan policy failures, this neoconservative pines for the liberal world order.

Pornography and the Definition of Power

The reflections of a Korean-German philosopher can help us understand how we’re easily deceived by false freedom.

Hubert Humphrey: Neocon Before the Neocons

His career encapsulated the warfare-welfare state consensus.