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Waco, Texas
Waco, Texas
Waco, Texas

Behold, my Saturday morning breakfast, at the Waco outlet of the great, great Torchy’s Tacos, a small chain, mostly in Texas. On the left, migas (scrambled eggs, crispy tortilla strips, green chiles, avocado, cheese, pico de gallo, on flour tortilla); on the right, the #3 breakfast taco (chorizo, scrambled eggs, and cheese). I put the hottest sauce in the joint on top. That coffee of theirs is top-notch too.

Patrick Deneen and I ate there on Thursday night. Then I ate there for breakfast with Alan Jacobs (who introduced me to Torchy’s) on Friday morning. The chef or the manager, not sure which, walked out and thanked me for returning. I went there for supper on Friday night, but the wait was an hour long, so, sadly, I went elsewhere. As I was chowing down this morning, the chef/manager came out and shook my hand.

If I could have, I would have sat there quietly reading all morning and waited for lunch.

Alas, I had to drive back to Baton Rouge. I’m wo’ slap out. Made a stop in Houston to buy tortillas and such at Central Market. Nothing makes my kids happier than coming home with 200 CM tortillas in a sack.

Here’s some good news. My pal Ralph C. Wood, the world’s greatest Southern Baptist now that Jerry Clower is with us no more, is coming back to St. Francisville for his fourth Walker Percy Weekend in 2017. He told me on Friday that he wants to give a talk on this topic: “Flannery O’Connor and the Benedict Option”. Is that great news, or what?



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