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Will Mapping Ancient Rome Save Western Urbanism—and Civilization?

Two volumes, over a thousand pages, and two thousand years later, this new Atlas is a signal achievement.
Theo Mackey Pollack September 6, 2019

The Enduring City Is More Than Retail and Coffee Shops

The public realm must include our temples and sacred places, too.
Duncan Stroik August 8, 2019

Classical Architecture Makes Vibrant Streets—Not Nostalgic Disneylands

In Boston and beyond, well-designed neighborhoods help residents feel at home.
Matthew Robare June 21, 2019

When a World’s Fair Legacy Becomes Texas-Size Challenge

Fair Park was once a unique and thriving part of Dallas. Can New Urbanist ideas save it?
Anthony Paletta June 14, 2019

The Metaphysical Nature of Our City Temples and Tombs

They are massive, immovable, as though the spirit contained in them has been fixed forever to the ground.
Roger Scruton April 12, 2019

How ‘Interior Landmarks’ Redeemed New York

Even amid the glitz and dull modernism, the Western tradition is alive.
James Baresel February 8, 2019

When London’s Dragons Ruled Before Skyscrapers

Out-of-scale glass towers are destroying the historic character of this once beautiful place.
Dhiru Thadani January 11, 2019

Meet the Austrian Who Invented Placemaking

Camillo Sitte was a champion of traditional European urbanism.
Theo Mackey Pollack May 11, 2018

Philadelphia’s Boulevard of Broken Dreams

Benjamin Franklin Parkway was supposed to make Philly more like Paris. But it came of age with the automobile.
Charles F. McElwee III November 3, 2017

Will Eisenhower Ever Have a Fitting Memorial?

The project's leaders seemed resigned to mediocrity. Critics want a full reboot.
Micah Meadowcroft March 8, 2017