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Tucker Carlson: Leader Of The Opposition

Future of GOP being worked out nightly on the most popular show in cable history
Tucker Carlson: Leader Of The Opposition

And he did it even when all the Woke Capitalist advertisers abandoned him!

I was never a fan of Trump rallies, but watching Tucker Carlson’s nightly monologue (when it goes online; I don’t have cable) has become must-see TV. There’s a reason this guy has the No. 1 cable news show in America. If you’re a conservative, especially if you’re a conservative demoralized by and disgusted with the Republican Party these days, Tucker is the place to go to keep your spirits high.

Here’s a link to last night’s monologue. Below, I’ve embedded an especially relevant excerpt:

The future of the Republican Party is being worked out every night in the first segment of Tucker Carlson Tonight. In 1993, James Bowman wrote a cover story for National Review about this hot talk radio host, Rush Limbaugh, crowned by the National Review cover as “the leader of the opposition.” Today, in 2020, Tucker Carlson has made himself that. As Trump fades, Tucker Carlson is taking what was good and true in Trump’s critique, and carrying the flag into battle. He’s going to be a kingmaker in Republican politics. Who knows? He might even one day be the king.



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