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Thank You, Megyn Kelly

The Fox News journo allowed Donald "My twitter has become so powerful" Trump to reveal his utter piggishness

The Fox News anchor’s question allowed Trump to do what everybody who has followed him over the years knew he would eventually do: expose himself as the pig that he is, always was, and always will be:

Donald Trump is once again pushing the limit, bringing Megyn Kelly’s anatomy into a feud that had already opened him to charges of sexism — and the risk of losing support among the Fox News anchor’s rabid following.

After a day of escalating hostility, Trump took his attacks on Kelly to the next level on Friday night, apparently insinuating that the moderator had been menstruating when she questioned him during Thursday’s first Republican debate.

“You could see there was blood coming out of her eyes, blood coming out of her — wherever,” he told anchor Don Lemon during an appearance on CNN.

The crudeness of the comment sparked an immediate flurry of rebukes, including from RedState.com’s Erick Erickson who revoked an invitation for Trump to speak at his Saturday conference on the grounds that it showed he wasn’t a “legitimate” candidate.

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Good for Erick Erickson. The sooner decent Republicans understand what a troll Trump is and turn away from him, the better for all of us. Trump may raise some legitimate issues, but Trump is always looking out for Trump — not conservatism, not the Republican Party, nobody but himself. And he is a vulgarian to the fingertips, as his disgraceful treatment of a female journalist who asked him a perfectly legitimate question demonstrates.

Again: thank you, Megyn Kelly.



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