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Development of Non-Toxic 2016 GOP Agenda Continues Apace

The release of Rep. Paul Ryan’s anti-poverty “discussion draft” last week marks …

Posted July 30th, 2014

CPAC Learns Why the Racial Learning Curve Breaks

Republicans who don’t want to be doomed by demographics were likely to …

Posted March 6th, 2014

Scott Walker Hints at Bush Sequel With Misguided Tax Cuts

Gov. Scott Walker has fashioned a reputation as a fiscal steward and …

Posted February 17th, 2014

Eric Cantor Picks the Right 40 Yard Lines

The GOP is finally revamping its agenda to look out for workers, not just their bosses.

Posted February 10th, 2014

North Carolina’s Lessons for Unemployment and the GOP

Republicans reflexively against extending benefits need only look South.

Posted January 17th, 2014

Why Anti-Poverty Talk Can Work for the GOP

As this week marks the 50th anniversary of Lyndon Johnson’s War on Poverty, …

Posted January 10th, 2014

Here’s How Republicans Could Have Stayed Out of This Mess

CNN reports on a potential thaw in the fiscal standoff: On Wednesday, …

Posted October 10th, 2013

Rick Santorum Locates a Clue

In a rapid response to Rep. Paul Ryan’s convention speech last August, …

Posted June 17th, 2013

Is a Gay-Baiting Bishop Really Worth Losing the State Senate Over?

This is why a convention was a bad idea. The Chesapeake bishop who …

Posted May 21st, 2013

Are We Headed for Another Debt-Ceiling Showdown?

When House Republicans repaired to Williamsburg, Va., in January, they hatched a …

Posted March 25th, 2013

The Ryan Budget’s Sigh of Resignation

Writing in the New Republic, in 2005, less than a year after …

Posted March 13th, 2013

Is the Fiscal Crisis the 9/11 of the Tea Party Class?

In this New Yorker chronicle of House Majority Leader Eric Cantor’s role …

Posted March 7th, 2013

Can GOP Governors Escape Vortex of Congress in 2016?

Peter Beinart hears in Gov. Chris Christie’s “rhetorical assault on John Boehner …

Posted January 10th, 2013

Stuart Stevens, Self-Soothing

This column, by Romney campaign strategist Stuart Stevens, is a tissue of …

Posted November 28th, 2012

Fiscal Cliff Deal Hanging Tantalizingly Inside Romney-Ryan Frame

On the morning after the election, I floated an idea to break …

Posted November 13th, 2012

The Right Reason to Raise Revenues

Andrew Rosenthal of the New York Times engages in a common liberal fallacy …

Posted November 13th, 2012

Checking in on ‘Medicare Jujitsu’

Thomas Edsall looks at the most recent Pew numbers and says: In …

Posted November 6th, 2012