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Smartphone Unlocking and the DMCA

Will Congress take on the law that required the unlocking exemption in the first place?

Posted March 6th, 2013

Copyright Quick Takes

(1) The latest anti-piracy measure launched this week after three months of delays, …

Posted February 27th, 2013

Responding to Pro-IP Conservatives

It sure is amusing to have comments from one of your copyright …

Posted December 13th, 2012

Do Any Conservatives Strongly Support Today’s Copyright Regime?

One of the more encouraging things about James DeLong’s National Review piece …

Posted December 5th, 2012

RSC Policy Memos Aren’t Supposed to Be Dissertations

Robert Edmonds makes a sober case why the RSC’s copyright memo should …

Posted November 29th, 2012

Winning Millennials and Screwing Hollywood: Why the GOP Should Take Up Intellectual Property Reform

Even before the RSC’s policy brief expressing deep skepticism toward the current …

Posted November 19th, 2012