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Summer Intern Wanted

Come join us in forging the next generation of conservatism
Edmund Burke

The American Conservative is now accepting applications for the summer internship. Join a start-up team dedicated to reestablishing principled, reality-based conservatism. Our motto, stamped across the magazine’s cover, best captures our driving motivation: ideas over ideology, principles over party.

Editorial interns gain experience in all aspects of producing the website and print magazine. Our priority is intellectual honesty, and we are dedicated to producing frank, original arguments based on substantive analysis. This internship offers real experience in all the moving parts of a media organization and exposure to both editorial and marketing work.

Editorial Assistant responsibilities include:

  • Preparing pieces for the web, writing headlines, curating images
  • Contributing headlines and story ideas
  • Proofreading, editing
  • Conducting research
  • Managing TAC’s presence on social media platforms
  • Blogging for the web and writing for the print magazine
  • Devising strategies for audience development and engagement
  • Participating in team meetings

Clerical duties, such as answering the phone and handling the mail, are also involved.

All candidates should possess:

  • Eagerness to work tirelessly in a small but ambitious team
  • Superb writing and editing ability
  • Strong communication and organizational skills
  • Love of considered, lengthy journalism as well as an appreciation of horse-race politics
  • Excellent news/culture/opinion judgment
  • A background in intellectual conservatism and keen understanding of The American Conservative’s sensibility.

Interns will join our team in Washington, D.C., from June through August, and will receive a stipend. College students or recent graduates who would like to apply should send a résumé and cover letter to jcoppage@theamericanconservative.com and golmstead@theamericanconservative.com by March 28. We also consider applications submitted through partner organizations including the Collegiate Network and the National Journalism Center. We’ll post more information about our fall 2014 internships in the coming months.

For those past their own internship years who want to help launch the careers of outstanding young journalists and set the agenda for the next generation, please consider donating to our internship program here.

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