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Whither Shakesblog?

So, I asked the question – should I continue to split my culture and politics writing or should I merge them – on my main blog, and the answer was pretty unequivocal: merge them. People who are reading me there want to be able to read everything in one place.

Now I’m asking here: is there some value to having a break-out of culture coverage? A dedicated home for theatre blogging? What?

If the consensus between the TAC folks and my reader is to discontinue the separation, then most likely I’ll stop posting to Shakesblog, though the blog will still exist as an archive. I’ll remain absolutely committed to expanding the arts and culture coverage here at TAC, though, so if you don’t think the separation makes sense but you think there’s some other way of highlighting that kind of coverage that would be helpful, throw the ideas my way.

In the meantime, I’m going to experiment with merging and see how the stats change (or don’t). My latest review, of Daisy Foote’s Him, was just posted to the main blog. Enjoy!

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Noah Millman, senior editor, is an opinion journalist, critic, screenwriter, and filmmaker who joined The American Conservative in 2012. Prior to joining TAC, he was a regular blogger at The American Scene. Millman’s work has also appeared in The New York Times Book Review, The Week, Politico, First Things, Commentary, and on The Economist’s online blogs. He lives in Brooklyn.

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