Whither Shakesblog?

So, I asked the question – should I continue to split my culture and politics writing or should I…
Noah Millman October 10, 2012

Cue The Bleats

Thomas Bradshaw's brutal rendition of the book of Job is skin-deep.
Noah Millman September 24, 2012

Music of the Spoken Word

Elevator Repair Service's "Shuffle" is more of a stunt than an enduring work of art, but it's a cool stunt.
Noah Millman September 22, 2012

Master and Commander on the Far Side of the Galaxy

Paul Thomas Anderson’s overwhelming new film
Noah Millman September 21, 2012

All In The Family: A Movie List For Eve Tushnet

Eve Tushnet asks an interesting question: I can think of several relatively recent really good movies which explore the…
Noah Millman September 12, 2012

Shakespeare or Batman?

Anyone who reads this blog, and hasn’t seen this quiz, well, now you have.
Noah Millman September 9, 2012

A Timeless Triptych: Harrison, TX

Horton Foote's small-town characters say what they actually feel.
Noah Millman September 8, 2012

Giants In The Park: The Delacorte Theatre Production of Into the Woods

I run hot and cold on Sondheim. His wit, both lyrically and musically, exceeds pretty much any practitioner of…
Noah Millman August 30, 2012