Diverge as I might from his take on Bob Barr, I can’t quibble with Daniel Bein’s assessment of why the third-party vote matters:

The idea of seeing another four years of the neo-cons running riot over our liberties and our Constitution is so frightening that I’ve even considered voting for Obama. Obama is in no way a peace candidate, but he’s marginally better than McCain, and I still feel that a repudiation of the neocons is imperative. But it was pointed out to me earlier today that while McCain will attempt to go to war with Iran, and anyone else who opens their eyes at him, he will face opposition from a hostile congress, whereas if Obama chooses to go to war with Iran, or Pakistan or anyone else, he will face no opposition. One must not forget that the Democrats are internationalist hawks. They are not a true alternative to the neoconservative ideology of world domination. That only exists with the third party oppositiong [sic]. For this reason I will keep the faith, endure the sneers and taunts that come my way for my “mindless protest voting” and continue to support third party candidates.

For a similar take, watch me work through my internal conflicts over the temptations of trust in an e-mail response to Scott Payne.