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Parenting Advice

Why is it that makes everyone else in the world so thoroughly convinced, not only that they know more about parenting than you do, but also that you’re just dying to hear all about it? In the past few days, my wife Angela has had the following things happen to her:

  1. A woman at church cornered her after mass and told her that Jack was too young to be there – “He’s a distraction”, she said, and would be better off staying at home.
  2. Our neighbor asked Angela why Jack – who, to clarify, is not yet two years old – hadn’t started school yet, and when Angela got around to explaining that we’re planning to homeschool anyway, she spent several minutes scolding her for keeping him isolated from other children.

I mean, WTF? The woman at our butcher shop, who gives Jack free olives and calls him “my leetle friend”, tells Angela that she should just hit right back with “Pardon me, but I’d appreciate it if you’d keep your opinions to yourself”, etc. etc. A more straightforward “Eff off” could also work, though with the way Jack is picking up phrases it could have some dangerous consequences. Perhaps we should come up with some unwanted advice of our own to dish right back; nothing fights fire like fire, right?

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