by JL Wall

Greeting, everyone!  First, a little technical thing — as you’ve probably already noticed, my name will appear in bold on whatever I write over here, to distinguish me from John.  Unless I forget to do so, in which case he will hopefully remind me that he didn’t write it.

Secondly, who am I?  Well, I’m a student — I study Classics (primarily Greek) and English literature.  As you’ll figure out sooner or later even if you don’t read this, I’m a native Kentuckian.  Back in his old digs, William Brafford categorized phaidimoi logoi in his blogroll as “Culture, Classics,” which was more or less fitting for what I talk about things in relation to.  John and I both write sometimes about religion — though my perspective is Jewish, rather than Catholic.  Pesach begins tomorrow night at sundown, so I imagine there might be some future Passover-blogging.

More substantive things to follow shortly.