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Another Reason I Don’t Understand the Logic Behind Boycotting Whole Foods

by JL Wall

Before being informed that Mackey identifies as a Libertarian and (apparently) has not made any donations to Republican candidates and rather snittily walking it back just a little bit, Ben Wyskida at the HuffPoproclaims:

The bottom line for me, reading Mackey’s op-ed, is that by shopping at Whole Foods I’m supporting by proxy a donation to the RNC and to health-scare front groups like Patients First. I don’t give money to anyone who injects misleading right-wing talking points into the public debate, so I won’t be giving money to Whole Foods.

I don’t know how well walking it back but then saying it doesn’t matter works; that was the “bottom line,” after all.  But that’s not what I want to ramble on about.  Two things:

1) This is the logic I was referring to in my earlier post.  Mackey says, “We clearly need health care reform,” but disagrees with Wyskida on the manner of that reform, and the immediate conclusion he lights on is that Mackey is arguing in bad faith, and because they disagree on the means, Mackey is obviously a large donor to Republican candidates and “health-scare front groups.”  Never mind that he doesn’t have a shred of supporting evidence on hand (and don’t you dare think he’ll be happy to be called out on those claims!) — we’re fighting The Man, man!

1a) The reason it doesn’t work for him to claim that his “bottom line” still holds regardless of lack of evidence for his claims about Mackey is that the meaning, in context, of that last sentence was not: “My money –> Whole Foods –> Mackey –> (money into Mackey’s bank account) –> Mackey speaking out against health care reform I approve of because”; it was rather: “My money –> Whole Foods –> Mackey –> (via donations/campaign contributions) –> GOP candidates and ‘health-scare front groups.'”

2) In order to have any semblance of consistency in undue political outrage, Wyskida must also be/intend to immediately commence boycotting all companies, stores, corporations, service providers, etc. owned by Republicans — and, apparently, Libertarians.

Enacting health care reform isn’t going to be accomplished by throwing temper tantrums when the guy who founded your grocery disagrees with you.  Yeah — throwing temper tantrums might be able to prevent the enactment health care reform, and I know that’s not fair.  But as anyone who’s ever had a younger sibling can tell you, when it comes to winning like that, fair don’t have a damn thing to do with it.

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