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American Beauty 2019

Sexual identity politics deflowers the Rose Parade

Is there anything more iconically mainstream American than the Rose Parade in Pasadena? You know the L.A. suburb that’s the home of the famous Little Old Lady?

Well, welcome to 2019: the not-at-all-tasteless high school senior who is Queen of this year’s Rose Parade takes to the pages of the Los Angeles Times to inform the world that her willingness to sleep with both men and women is a foundational part of her identity:

I feel an additional responsibility, to myself and to this tradition, to share that I am bisexual.

I never considered that my sexual orientation might be of interest to anyone but my family and my closest friends. But in this new, very public position, I feel it’s important to present myself authentically, especially to those who look to the Royal Court as a representation of our community. While I am almost certainly not the first member of the LGBTQ community on the court, I hope that by saying so publicly, I might encourage others to be proud of who they are.

“Important.” Identity politics ruins everything.

The thing is, if you watch this interview with Louise Siskel, the Rose Queen, on KTLA, she comes across as perfectly charming and likable. Why do young people these days feel obliged to discuss their sexual desires, as if they were some noble aspect of one’s character?



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