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Scripts, Myths, and Public Liturgy

The General Eclectic with Rod Dreher #47

Rod and Kale sit down to discuss the conspicuous displays of the anniversary of January 6th, and the power of political liturgies to manufacture consensus. Should January 6th be mentioned in the same breath as Pearl Harbor and 9/11? What motivates the public displays of our media class? What really happened, and who controls what we ultimately think about it?

They go on to discuss:

  • the rhyming of January 6 with the Gunpowder Plot
  • how do you know if you’ve been captured by your own script?
  • what do our “priors” reveal and obscure to us?
  • are these public scripts controllable, and how will the CCP fare?
  • the “incentives code” and the Soviet Union and contemporary China
  • scapegoating of the “unvaxxed” and the precursors to soft totalitarianism
  • why isn’t the gospel compelling to young ears?

If you have questions or suggestions, you can contact the show at thegeneraleclectic@gmail.com

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