The VIDA Count, a Survey of Neorealism, and Abbey Road at 30

The VIDA (Bean) Count is out. Longtime readers will know that I think VIDA is silly. Simply adding up…
Micah Mattix November 15, 2019

Classics for the Working Class, the Women of the Italian Resistance, and the Problem with TikTok

Classics for the working class: In 19th-century Britain, the classics were associated with the upper class, and rightly so.…
Micah Mattix November 14, 2019

The 21st-Century Will Be Monitored, and More

“All art is political,” Lin-Manuel Miranda tells us in the latest issue of The Atlantic. “In tense, fractious times—like…
Micah Mattix November 13, 2019

21st-Century Witchcraft, Ibsen’s Tragedies, and Nabokov on the Tube

Vladimir Nabokov didn’t like television. So how did Bernard Pivot get him to accept an invitation to be interviewed…
Micah Mattix November 12, 2019

Remembering the Fall of the Berlin Wall, in Praise of Latin, and Prehistoric Hunting Pits

This month marks the 30th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall. Malcolm Forbes reviews Iain McGregor’s “vivid…
Micah Mattix November 11, 2019

Publishing Donald Trump, a History of the Giants of Russian Literature, and the Poet Hart Crane Plagiarized

[Also: The attack on excellence in American universities, and more.
Micah Mattix November 6, 2019