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Pro-Lexa Protesters Need Lexapro

Social Justice Warriors invade beautiful downtown Burbank

O Fortuna, you never disappoint.

A reader writes about stopping at a Burbank, Calif., office building last week, a place that houses offices for a bunch of media companies, “not your normal targets for the ire of the LGBT community.” But there were 12 or so protesters raising Cain outside the building. Says the reader:

Curiosity got the better of me, so after I parked I approached a group of the protesters, who by now I noticed were all female.

Turns out they were all lesbians, they were protesting the killing off of their beloved character Lexa on the CW show The 100. And the startling revelation that lesbian TV characters and killed off at a shockingly higher rate then those that are G, B, T or (+).

Here’s the rest of the flier (flyer?), and a link to protesters’ photos of their protest:


Man (ahem), the things people get worked up over. Is there anything the Left can’t weaponize for the culture war? Ladies, might I suggest margaritas and Lexapro?



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