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Pot Calls Kettle Black

Earlier this evening I caught the Fox News panel discussing the events at Fort Hood, where quite predictably Charles Krauthammer and Stephen Hayes were on a righteous tear about how the possibility that Nidal Hassan was an agent of al-Qaeda, or some other Islamofascist conspiracy against our precious bodily fluids, isn’t being taken seriously.  Now, I must say I have been a bit startled to see the speed with which the memo has gotten out that Hassan was a PTSD-case and not a Muslim radical, and I have to agree that if this isn’t quite the truth that it is a necessary noble lie for the copper people.  But what most stood out to me was Krauthammer’s invocation of his degree in psychiatry to denounce certain alleged behavior of Hassan as the most supremely unethical for a psychiatrist.  And Krauthammer should know, being a bloodthirsty psycho-psychiatrist himself – and not incidentally, Krauthammer has the blood of several thousand American service people on his hands, while Hassan has only a dozen.

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