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Mark Levin v. Nathan Origer

I was hoping to stay out of the Mark Levin discussion, but a particularly anti-intellectual and incendiary piece of online garbage has motivated me to make a few simple points.

To start, I have listened to hours and hours of Mark Levin’s show. My father is, I’m sorry to say, an avid fan of his and when i was a politically-immature New Right neocon (in high school) I enjoyed his show in particular. Why did I enjoy his the most? It seemed to appeal to my teenage angst and adolescent concept of political discourse. In short, I loved when a “leftist” or a “libertard” would call in and Levin would scream like a banshee over them. The conversation would reach its crescendo when Levin would scream “GET OFF THE PHONE, MORON!” and hang up.

I eventually did a little growing up. I read Russell Kirk’s fine critique of interventionist foreign policyand Robert Nisbet’s various critiques of militarized society. The conservative instincts that may lead people to listen to Levin and his half-wit friend Sean Hannity are, for the most part, healthy and well-meaning. But somewhere along the line they are lost and corrupted by the battles talking-heads are pledged to fight. And once it is ingrained into the listener’s head that critics of big government via military expansionism are “pinheads” and “surrender monkeys” it is nearly impossible to get it out.

So instead of proper political discourse (see: Buckley v. Chomsky on Firing Line years ago) we get Levin v. Anonymous-Leftist-Moron.  Instead of “Mark Levin, an overly-bellicose and misguided thinker,” we get “Mark Levin, a loud-mouthed retard.” Two can play at Levin’s game, but the soul of American Conservatism is at risk when we accept the rules on his terms.

Someone like Nathan Origer–a smart guy and a good friend–is ripped as a moron and as deranged by Levin’s lackeys because he dared to admit that he has never subjected himself to Levin’s show. Oh, and he wears cowboy hats.

At any rate, I’ll take Nathan Origer, a self-admitted nobody who has never advised White House staff and never appeared on the bestseller list, over Levin any day.

EDIT: I replaced the original title of the post–Mark Levin, a Loud-Mouthed Retard–because it was correctly pointed out to me that it would be misinterpreted. I think without it the point still stands up.

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