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Paul Thomas Anderson’s “The Master”

I saw the movie last night; my review is up on Millman’s Shakesblog. Please check it out.

As an aside: when I first joined TAC, I had a notion that it made sense to put “back of the book” and “front of the book” stuff separate. So, my theatre reviews and other coverage of the arts has all been posted at Millman’s Shakesblog, while everything else has appeared here.

But we’ve now got four bloggers on the front page, and at least one of them will inevitably do a whole lot more blogging about culture than he will about current affairs. So I’m wondering: does the split still make sense? Should I put everything here, theatre reviews and election speculation and everything? Should I cross-post in some fashion? Should we create something similar to State of the Union for irregular posting on culture and the arts?

Feel free to express your thoughts on this no-doubt thrilling subject in comments.

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Noah Millman, senior editor, is an opinion journalist, critic, screenwriter, and filmmaker who joined The American Conservative in 2012. Prior to joining TAC, he was a regular blogger at The American Scene. Millman’s work has also appeared in The New York Times Book Review, The Week, Politico, First Things, Commentary, and on The Economist’s online blogs. He lives in Brooklyn.

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