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The Politics of the AHCA

Trump has every incentive to hang the bill around Paul Ryan’s neck — and a reasonable prospect of being able to do so.

Posted March 15th, 2017

Ethics? We Don’t Need No Stinking Ethics

The House GOP makes their priorities clear

Posted January 3rd, 2017

Can the GOP Civilize Trump the Barbarian?

They sure will try.

Posted May 6th, 2016

Ross Douthat On Coates V. Chait

What politics are implied by searing indictments divorced from gestures to action?

Posted April 2nd, 2014

Can Taxes On The Middle Class Ever Be Raised? Can Entitlements Ever Be Reformed?

Ross Douthat wrote a smart blog post basically asking those questions, and, …

Posted January 3rd, 2013

So Let It Be Written, So Let It Be Done

I didn’t get a chance to see the Vice Presidential debate last …

Posted October 12th, 2012

Do Politicians Lie? Do Bears . . . Well, You Know

A lot of the commentary on Paul Ryan’s speech has focused on …

Posted August 30th, 2012

A Time For Choosing Not To Choose

As for Paul Ryan’s speech, Scott Galupo’s piece covers it well. I …

Posted August 30th, 2012

Will The 2012 Election Have Consequences?

Don’t hope for change from either party after November.

Posted August 13th, 2012

The Ryan Pick: Following The Dole Playbook

The obvious thing to say about the Ryan pick is that Romney …

Posted August 11th, 2012