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Daniel McCarthy

Donald Trump’s Triumph

The president-elect represents a new chapter in American politics—and the end of dismal old one.
Daniel McCarthy November 9, 2016

After Trump vs. Clinton

The real battle—to redefine politics and foreign policy—only begins with the election.
Daniel McCarthy October 10, 2016

Trump Beats Clinton the Way He Beat Bush

This election is a referendum on political dynasties and the status quo—even with Gary Johnson and a Kristol candidate in the race.
Daniel McCarthy May 31, 2016

I Was Wrong About Trump

But I was right about one of the big reasons he's winning: his enemies.
Daniel McCarthy March 26, 2016

What Cruz vs. Trump Means

The Texas senator is the establishment's last, unlikeliest hope to influence the Republican Party's future.
Daniel McCarthy March 16, 2016

Voters Don’t Love Rubio the Way Elites Do

South Carolina saved Bob Dole and George W. Bush. It couldn't save Jeb—and his departure doesn't make things much easier for Marco.
Daniel McCarthy February 21, 2016

The End of the Scalia Era

The figure who unified the right after Reagan is gone—and there won't be another.
Daniel McCarthy February 14, 2016

Should Rand Have Run Like Ron?

Libertarians have tried fusionism and insurgency---but maybe neither is enough.
Daniel McCarthy February 4, 2016