Category: Liberty

Is Rand Paul Missing His Giuliani Moment?

Why Iran is the key to Kentucky senator's future---as well as the liberty movement's.
Daniel McCarthy August 4, 2015

Was the American Revolution Secessionist?

No—and it wasn't necessarily anti-imperialist, either.
Daniel McCarthy October 5, 2014

John Locke: Liberal, Libertarian, or License to Kill?

Locke's notions of liberty go many layers deep.
Daniel McCarthy October 3, 2013

Liberty Is a Problem When You Can’t Know Who’s the Tyrant

Gene Callahan invokes John Stuart Mill to show that liberals boycotting Barilla—for its chairman’s views about homosexuals—are behaving illiberally.…
Daniel McCarthy October 2, 2013

Paranoid Styles: Conservative, Libertarian, and Liberal

I was pinch hitter for Sam Tanenhaus at Cato’s panel on The United States of Paranoia earlier this week—Tanenhaus…
Daniel McCarthy September 13, 2013

Snowden & Manning: Could the Debate on National Security Happen Any Other Way?

The national-security bureaucracy and its sweeping powers are not much different from the domestic regulatory state, in that the…
Daniel McCarthy August 21, 2013

What the French Experience Tells Us About Russia and Egypt

A copy of New French Thought: Political Philosophy I picked up on Friday contains this timely passage from Mark…
Daniel McCarthy August 19, 2013

Politics and Property: Can We Do Without Either?

David Gordon asks an important question about my critique of property-based libertarianism: You seem to me entirely right that…
Daniel McCarthy April 20, 2013

Liberty Isn’t Just Property—So What Is It?

Ownership and government are two kinds of power, and each needs checks.
Daniel McCarthy April 15, 2013

The Logic of CPAC

All you need to know about why Chris Christie, GOProud, or anyone else isn’t invited to CPAC is that…
Daniel McCarthy March 12, 2013