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Literary Appreciation of the Lovecraft Kind

Existential terror and awe are what Lovecraft is all about, and nobody does it better.

Posted September 2nd, 2013

How the Invisible Hand Sifts Popular Culture

Literary scholar Paul Cantor’s two talks were a highlight of this year’s …

Posted August 19th, 2013

Has the E-book Peaked?

Nicholas Carr notes a steep decline in the growth rate of e-book …

Posted August 8th, 2013

What Yukio Mishima Teaches Traditionalists

Contribute something real and beautiful, even to a social order found ugly and false.

Posted August 7th, 2013

Is a Multicultural England a Catholic England?

Interesting essay by Eamon Duffy in the Telegraph, who says it’s time …

Posted April 9th, 2013

Do You Really Want to Write a Book?

John Winters describes himself at Salon as “a self-publishing failure.” His mystery …

Posted April 5th, 2013

Why Marriage Isn’t About Reproduction Anymore

The Pill and the law have shifted the focus to companionship, for better or worse.

Posted April 2nd, 2013

The Fog of Culture War

Rod Dreher and Noah Millman both misread me in the same way, …

Posted March 18th, 2013

Digital Etiquette: Don’t Be Too Utilitarian

The point of etiquette is to smooth over social relations by providing …

Posted March 11th, 2013