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Help The American Conservative Win the Peace

Changing U.S. foreign policy takes a generation—and TAC is shaping the next one of conservatives.

Posted September 24th, 2014

Who Supports Reality-Based Conservatism?

Billionaires and purblind partisans don’t—but The American Conservative isn’t meant for them.

Posted September 17th, 2014

Leo Strauss and the Right’s Civil War

Postwar conservatism’s sectarian history can obscure what lessons Strauss has to teach.

Posted January 19th, 2014

The GOP’s Contraception Conundrum

Libertarian legal scholar Randy Barnett spots the corner into which “judicial conservatives” …

Posted November 19th, 2013

The Future of Conservatism—A Few Remarks

Last month Future 500 invited me to participate on a panel about …

Posted October 23rd, 2013

Why I Am a Scalia Skeptic

Too much of movement conservatism amounts to an inverted leftism. If the …

Posted October 7th, 2013

The Constitution vs. Calhoun: Why Harry Jaffa Is Still Wrong About Willmoore Kendall

Willmoore Kendall is one of the most overlooked founding fathers of the …

Posted September 23rd, 2013

Paranoid Styles: Conservative, Libertarian, and Liberal

I was pinch hitter for Sam Tanenhaus at Cato’s panel on The …

Posted September 13th, 2013

Two Kinds of ‘Conservative’ From the Start

My essay in the University Bookman’s symposium on the 60th anniversary of …

Posted July 25th, 2013

How a Federal Republic Becomes an Ideological Empire

George Carey a few years ago noted a some reasons why America’s …

Posted April 15th, 2013

Tories and Conservatives: A Study in Contrast

Andrew Sullivan notes one of the ironies of the Thatcher era: “She …

Posted April 8th, 2013

Thatcherism’s Secret Was Sex Appeal

Liz Kulze had the same idea I did for adding to the …

Posted April 8th, 2013

Huntsman: Our Political Culture Is a National-Security Risk

At the Reagan library, the former governor proposes trade and diplomacy in place of war.

Posted April 5th, 2013

W’s ‘Least Favorite Republican’ Runs for Texas Governor

That statue is Sam Houston—no Republican, or Democrat, he—but my title refers …

Posted April 3rd, 2013

What Does “Fusionism” Really Mean?

Frank Meyer’s project was about more than building a political coalition.

Posted March 21st, 2013

Why Do We Have Judicial Review?

Gene Callahan calls it “John Marshall’s magical feat“: the Supreme Court’s assumption …

Posted March 20th, 2013

The Logic of CPAC

All you need to know about why Chris Christie, GOProud, or anyone …

Posted March 12th, 2013