Look: Ross is a smart guy [bold mine-DL]. He knows perfectly well that modern liberals have no serious connection to eugenics advocates of the past. He knows perfectly well that abortion supporters aren’t motivated by eugenicist theories. He’s not using the word out of a dedication to scientific precision. Rather, he and his fellow conservatives are using the word “eugenics” because they also know perfectly well that it’s (quite rightly) associated with racism, pseudo-science, and Adolf Hitler. ~Kevin Drum

No, Ross is using the word because that is the word that supporters of “liberal eugenics” use.  He is using the word because the connection between eugenics and a process of genetic screening plus abortion is pretty obvious.  He also perfectly well knows that eugenics is associated with Margaret Sanger, Woodrow Wilson and Oliver Wendell Holmes. 

Incidentally, Ross continues the Gattaca meme here, which makes sense, since it is entirely relevant.