Andrew responds to Romney’s highly embellished anecdotes from his mission years:

Why would Romney go out on a limb like that – when it could easily be disproven by an enterprising reporter?

Why does Romney ever tell bald-faced lies? After all, this is a man who has made the non-existent “apology tour” the rhetorical centerpiece of his presidential campaign. For some reason, he even managed to say something untrue about his real first name during the national security debate last month. It’s tempting to say that he has reinvented himself so thoroughly that he can no longer remember what is true and what isn’t, and he has absorbed and appropriated so many new positions over the years that it all gets jumbled together and re-mixed according to whatever the political need of the moment happens to be. It’s easy to lose track after the fourth or fifth incarnation. More likely, he is so contemptuous of the people he tells these lies to that he never thinks he will be found out.