The fourth Indiana Jones film preview is now available for viewing, which reminds me that I have been hearing stories about another Indiana Jones sequel for at least twelve or thirteen years.  It seemed like a bad idea back then, too.  Here’s the problem: even if they make a reasonably good movie, they will never be able to match the expectations of the audience, and they cannot possibly top The Last Crusade.  At the end of Last Crusade, you had them literally riding off into the sunset, and before that you had Sean Connery stealing the show the entire time.  You cannot improve on this.  Besides, you’d think after the spectacle of the painfully bad (and badly written) Star Wars prequels that George Lucas would have learned that he shouldn’t try to recapture the magic of the original films.  Then again, I suppose millions of people will go to see it and he will make huge piles of money, which is why they’re doing it.