A shockingly large group of people, that’s who.  On the economy, McCain is trusted more than Obama (47-41%), and likewise on Iraq (49-37) and national security (53-31).  Concerning the economy, McCain leads Obama 55-33 among men, wins every age group except 18-29, gets 31% black support, 25% of Democrats and wins every income group above $40K.  On Iraq, McCain wins men 56-31 and wins women by a point, he wins every age group, he gets 39% of black voters, 22% of Democrats and every income group above $20K.  On national security, obviously it’s a blowout: McCain wins men by 33 points and women by 13, he wins every age group (including 18-29 year olds by 27 points), gets 44% of black voters, 28% of Democrats and wins every income group. 

In light of the respective positions of the two parties and public attitudes towards them and in light of public attitudes about which party they trust more on these very issues, these numbers are amazing.  The question of trust is going to be decisive, and Obama is being beaten like a drum when it comes to winning the public’s trust.  Look on the bright side, Obamaites–his numbers can only go up, right?