We’re supposed to be spreading “democracy” and “freedom” throughout the Middle East, according to this administration and its Washington amen corner, but how is human liberty advanced by frying Iraqi civilians with incendiary phosphorous bombs ?

If that isn’t a war crime, then nothing is.

Check out the whole video, produced by the Italian station RAI, here – and you tell me if we haven’t descended into barbarism.

This ideological window-dressing, however, becomes less convincing as the true ugliness and brutality of the war is brought home to the American people. I was struck by what one of the American GIs said in the Italian video: the Fallujah operation was all about “killing Arabs” in large numbers. This, it seems to me, gets at the essential goal of the invasion and occupation of Iraq: it is a targeted mass slaughter. Its purpose is to terrorize not only the people of Iraq, but the entire region, and Muslims worldwide. Submit –or this will happen to you.

This war has become one prolonged act of state terrorism, and anyone who continues to support it – now that the full horror of American military tactics has been exposed – becomes a pro-terrorist fellow-traveler. I don’t know if Dante reserved a special rung of Hell for such people, but if not, it should be fairly close to the bottom of the infernal pit. ~Justin Raimondo, Antiwar.com