Greg Pollowitz, very definitely missing Sixers, informs me that Steve Young is the great-great-great grandson of Bringham [sic] Young.

But I bet everyone who watches Monday Night football knows that. ~Kathryn Jean Lopez

Yes, I suppose we did already know that about Steve Young.  Those of us who grew up with WAC/Mountain West college football against BYU also know that the name is Brigham Young.

But it is true that Young’s first name is frequently pronounced as if it were spelled Bringham, which is what reminded me of the old and very anti-Mormon joke I heard when I was younger.  It went something like this:

Q: What did Brigham Young say about women?

A: “I don’t care how you bring’em, just bring’em young.”

It’s a terrible joke, I know.  (I have discovered that it was originally an old Rodney Dangerfield line–that helps explain why it was so bad.)  But that is just the tip of the iceberg of the sort of grassroots anti-Mormonism you will encounter when Romney starts his campaign.