Appeasement at Munich led to nearly six years of devastating war in Europe. Political appeasement of the base may be less inducing of violence, but no less devastating [bold mine-DL], as it risks military paralysis or financial collapse once in office. ~Jason Steck

So Mr. Steck thinks that representing the interests of core constituencies may be less “inducing of violence” than encouraging Hitler in his aggression (he isn’t sure about it yet, but it just may be), but representing those interests will be no less devastating than WWII, which killed something like 50m people (the figure would be lower for Europe alone, but still somewhere around 30m).  This is what is called “moderate” opinion in this country: if you politicians refuse to be a squish like me, you are inaugurating the political equivalent of a global bloodbath.  I can begin to see why fewer and fewer people listen to such “moderates.”