Gallup finds that the GOP’s unfavorability rating has spiked in the last month:

Republican and Democratic Party Unfavorables, 1992-2013

An unfavorability rating of 62% passes the worst number for Republicans in the last twenty years, and that came at the nadir of the Bush era in the midst of the financial crisis. The party’s favorability rating (28%) is also an all-time low since Gallup began asking the question in 1992. It is even lower than the party’s favorability after Clinton’s impeachment. Post-Bush Republicans have managed to achieve what I thought couldn’t be done–they have made their party even more unattractive to the country than it was at the lowest ebb of Bush’s last years in office. The ratings for the Democrats aren’t great (43% fav/49% unfav), but the gap between the parties has widened significantly in just the last month.