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Weekly Roundup

What would Castlereagh do in Crimea? Ryan Evans asks John Bew, the author of Castlereagh: A Life.

What would Lord Salisbury do? Robert Merry looks back at the career of the late 19th-century Conservative Prime Minister for clues on how to conduct foreign policy.

What happened to Malaysia Airlines flight 370? Reuters reports on evidence that the plane was deliberately flown off course. James Fallows discusses what the latest information could mean. Paul Pillar warns against the dangers of too much speculation.

Five myths about the Cold War. Mark Kramer refutes some common beliefs.

What should the U.S. say to Russia? Joshua Rovner offers some useful suggestions.

Sanctioning Russia could backfire on the U.S. Jamila Trindle describes what Russian retaliation could look like if the U.S. imposed substantial financial sanctions.

Exporting natural gas to Europe won’t save Ukraine (or Europe). Keith Johnson describes the limited effect that increasing exports of liquefied natural gas will have on Europe’s dependence on Russian energy. Matt Steinglass is even more dismissive of the idea, calling it “frankly ridiculous” to believe that it would have any effect on Russian behavior.

Americans are becoming much more selective about U.S. engagement overseas. Nikolas Gvosdev considers what that means for U.S. policy in Ukraine.

The origins of Realpolitik. John Bew traces the history of the idea to its 19th-century liberal German founder.

The oldest republic in the world. Der Spiegelreports on the woes of the small state of San Marino.

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