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Weekly Roundup

Who are the protesters in Ukraine? Keith Darden and Lucan Way review the available evidence.

Stephen Walt isn’t the architect of Obama’s foreign policy. Zachary Keck makes some useful observations about realism and offshore balancing while refuting a ridiculous argument.

America’s Asian allies need to stop quarreling with one another. Ted Galen Carpenter tells us why the U.S. should encourage its Asian allies to start cooperating more closely.

China isn’t going to be global hegemon. Zack Beauchamp explains why:

But even if this economic gloom and doom is wrong, and China really is destined for a prosperous future, there’s one simple reason China will never displace America as global leader: It doesn’t want to.

Russians, including many Putin critics, have embraced the Sochi Games enthusiastically. Leonid Bershidsky recounts some examples.

Most Americans want normal relations with Cuba. A new Atlantic Council poll finds a broad majority in favor of ending the embargo.

Switzerland votes to restrict immigration. Alexandre Afonso analyzes the results.

Michael McFaul talks about his time as ambassador to Russia. Julia Ioffe interviews the outgoing ambassador.

The causes of the cheating scandal in the Air Force. Mark Thompson investigates.

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