Our view is that if the Republican Party of 2008 would prefer to lose with Mr. Pearce than win with Ms. Wilson, it deserves its fate. ~The New York Sun

In light of polling showing both Pearce and Wilson losing to Udall by 25 points, this is not the reason to pick one or the other.  Certainly, I share the conventional view that Wilson would probably be more competitive statewide.  Instead of losing by 25, she might knock it down to 15 before it’s all over, but it’s ludicrous at this point to talk about a Republican victory in that Senate race.  The national mood is running against their party, and the state’s demographic make-up is not naturally friendly to Republican candidates.  It is interesting that Pearce is slightly ahead of Wilson in the weeks leading up to the primary vote.  It isn’t surprising to me that once Wilson had to appeal to Republicans outside the First District that she would have a harder time, but I have expected her legendary campaigning ability to overcome Pearce’s lower-profile challenge.  It was significant that Domenici, long her mentor and patron, refused to pick sides in the primary, perhaps trying to undo some of the damage he did when he originally foisted her on the district ten years ago.  She may yet get the nomination, but it’s not much of a prize.