The Trump administration is releasing more than a billion dollars in military aid to the Egyptian dictatorship. The latest news reminds us just how despicable the regime they are embracing truly is:

An Egyptian court on Saturday sentenced 75 people to death, including top leaders of the outlawed Muslim Brotherhood, for their involvement in a 2013 sit-in protest by Islamists that was broken up by security forces in an operation that left at least 600 people dead.

The Sisi dictatorship massacred hundreds of protesters in the streets five years ago. Now they are condemning scores of the survivors of that massacre to death and sending hundreds more to prison. The Egyptian dictatorship is an extremely abusive authoritarian regime, and the U.S. gains little or nothing from our continued support for it. The U.S.-Egyptian relationship is not nearly as important as it once was, and it makes no sense to be tied so closely to such a repressive government.

There is no excuse for the continued indulgence of the Sisi dictatorship by our government, and with each passing year of ongoing support for this regime the U.S. is implicated in its record of murdering dissidents and torturing detainees. The U.S. should have cut off all military aid to Egypt following the coup that brought Sisi to power, but the Obama administration was determined not to do that. The Trump administration has compounded that error with its full-fledged endorsement of a closer relationship with Cairo. Like its tight embrace of Saudi Arabia and the UAE, the Trump administration’s indulgence of an abusive Egyptian client government doesn’t serve U.S. interests and makes our government complicit in horrific human rights abuses.