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Trump’s Illegal War in Syria Continues

Two Air Force F-22 Raptors fly over Syria, Feb. 2, 2018, while supporting Operation Inherent Resolve. Air National Guard photo by Staff Sgt. Colton Elliott

U.S. jets bombed pro-regime forces in Syria again on Sunday:

US-led coalition fighter jets reportedly bombarded pro-Syrian government forces on Sunday, rolling back their advance into oil-rich areas held by the Syrian Democratic Forces in eastern Syria.

The U.S. has repeatedly clashed with pro-regime forces in Syria in support of proxies that were originally fighting ISIS. The continued illegal U.S. military presence and our ongoing support for these proxies make conflict with the Syrian government and its allies more likely all the time. Our forces are committing acts of war inside Syria against the recognized government and its allies, and they have no business being there. No U.S. or allied security interests are served by this, but there is a risk of triggering a larger conflict with Syria’s patrons if these clashes keep occurring.

It bears repeating that Congress has never authorized any U.S. forces to be in Syria for any reason, and there was definitely never any vote to fight the Syrian government on behalf of rebel groups. Putting Americans in harm’s way in a foreign war zone for unclear goals unrelated to U.S. security is a misuse of the military and a waste of resources and manpower. U.S. forces need to be removed from Syria as quickly as possible before their illegal presence there pulls us into another unnecessary conflict.

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